The Kate Becker Band

Based in Tucson, Arizona, Kate Becker is currently in the studio finishing her upcoming album PIRATE RADIO. Becker's newest project (now 3 years in the making) was born in 2012 while visiting the Florida Keys and doing radio interviews for independent stations from Santa Fe to Key West. While most songs on this album evoke a Caribbean-Latin feel, her sultry voice is always rooted in blues and jazz. With some of Tucson's hottest musicians and co-producer Petie Ronstadt (Ronstadt Generations) at the helm, Becker sings about historic usage of old ships for broadcasting, the future of independent radio and the endless challenges and rewards of standing in your power, speaking your truth and facing off with your darkest shadows.


It is happening, no joke, we are recording PIRATE RADIO! 

I have been talking about Pirate Radio since 2012, we have been working on this record since 2013, seized performing, turned down sweet gigs, almost lost our minds on crazy detours, fought, made up, changed keys and tempos, worked with various gifted musicians and now finally found our way! I made a brilliant decision and brought Petie Ronstadt on board to co-produce and bring in the Latin thread and now I know in my heart and soul that everything is going to be just fine, better the fine actually, we are in the studio now making a great record. IT IS HAPPENING, NO JOKE THIS TIME! We are recording Pirate Radio at Land Mark Sounds Studios!

Early All-Ages Show 

The Kate Becker band will be perfoming at Monterey Court on Miracle Mile on Saturday October 5th with Salvador Duran. The show starts at 6:30pm

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