About Kate Becker

Kate Becker was born in San Francisco to a Swiss mother and New Yorker father and raised in both Bern and New York City.  After studying Jazz vocals in NYC and performing at various East Village haunts, she relocated to Tucson, AZ in 2002 – drawn to the vibe of this tranquil desert town with a thriving independent music scene. 

Becker conceived her latest record on a trip to the Florida Keys after being interviewed by a third generation radioman for an independent station called Pirate Radio. Utterly intrigued by this theme, she wrote a concept album about the historic usage of old ships for broadcasting, the future of independent radio and the endless challenges and rewards of speaking your truth and facing off with your darkest shadows. 

While the album has a Caribbean-Latin feel, Kate’s sultry and soulful voice is deeply rooted in Jazz and Blues. With co-producer Petie Ronstadt (Ronstadt Generations) at the helm and some of Tucson's hottest Jazz, Latin and Mariachi musicians aboard, Kate released Pirate Radio on May 20, 2016 in Tucson, AZ. 

She’ll also join up with Ronstadt Generations for a few selected showcases – from Bisbee, AZ to NYC as well as European dates in Fall 2016.



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May 21st Bisbee Show YAY!!! KBRP Presents 

We are so excited to play the first Bisbee show in 4 years. Kate Becker Band, Ronstadt Generations and KBRP  join together for a celebratory Bisbee CD Release on May 21st at the beautiful Royal.

Join Ronstadt Generations and the Kate Becker Band for an evening of music, fun and festivity as both groups come together to celebrate their respective album releases. Each band uplifts and transports audiences on acoustical journeys that transcend multiple blended genres including folk, jazz and reggae with Latin…

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Big News - We are so excited to finally have set the CD Release for Friday May 20th 2016 at the Whistle Stop Depot in Tucson, AZ.
This will be a grand, joint celebration with Tucson's very own, acclaimed 5th generation Mexican-American musical family Ronstadt Generations (a mouth full but worth it!)
What an honor! Check out http://www.ronstadtgenerations.com/

We will have most everybody with us: Co-Producer Petie Ronstadt on guitar, co-writer Mike Hieber on bass, musical collaborator Pete Swan on drums…

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It is happening, no joke, we are recording PIRATE RADIO! 

I have been talking about Pirate Radio since 2012, we have been working on this record since 2013, seized performing, turned down sweet gigs, almost lost our minds on crazy detours, fought, made up, changed keys and tempos, worked with various gifted musicians and now finally found our way! I made a brilliant decision and brought Petie Ronstadt on board to co-produce and bring in the Latin thread and now I know in my heart and soul that everything is going to be just fine, better the fine actually, we are…Read more

Early All-Ages Show 

The Kate Becker band will be perfoming at Monterey Court on Miracle Mile on Saturday October 5th with Salvador Duran. The show starts at 6:30pm